The famous artist has presented the Jewish community his canvas with the "Golden Rose" and "Menorah"

Vasyl Korkishko, a famous Ukrainian artist, and a member of the Ukrainian National Union of Artists, have presented its painting, depicting "Menorah" center and "Golden Rose" Central Synagogue to Shmuel Kaminetsky, the Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk and the region, and the Jewish community office of our city.

The ceremony of presenting the canvas to the community was also attended by Zelih Vrez, the community director, and Oleksandr Matyushin, known Dnipropetrovsk businessman and philanthropist, actively working in the real estate sector, who was taking a significant part in the Menorah project implementation and has largely initiated the creation of the painting.

Vasyl Korkishko told the rabbi how in 2012, under the influence of conversations with Oleksander Matyushin, he was inspired by the success and achievements of the Jewish community, its value for the life of the entire region and how it transforms people. Thus, he created the painting, which depicted his vision of modern Dnepropetrovsk symbols - the restored "Golden rose" synagogue and the world's largest Jewish center "Menorah" on the background of darkening Dnipro sky.

According to the artist, a synagogue, depicted in the painting, embodies the firm commitment of Dnipropetrovsk Jews to the centuries-old traditions of their people, and aerial Menorah tower - their willingness to continuously move forward in the future, and a comprehensive, first of all spiritual, development.

Shmuel Kaminetsky, the Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk and the region, has sincerely thanked the artist for his gift to the community. The painting was placed in the most honorable place in the conference hall, and now it will meet the most distinguished guests of the Jewish community of our city.

During a friendly conversation, there was discussed the possibility of organizing a solo exhibition of Vasyl Korkishko’s paintings within the Menorah center and the Jewish community cultural activity, as well as other ways to stimulate the cultural life of the city and to revitalize educational activities in the community.